Alarm Systems Ayrshire

We are able to provide a wide range of high quality security systems both wireless and hard-wired, tailored to your personal circumstances. 

We offer a no obligation survey to all potential customers, which enables us to design and plan a system that will provide the optimum level of security for your home or business. 

Fortress Security can provide round the clock comprehensive monitoring of your security system, which will enable our Alarm Receiving Centre to view and log all intruder, personal attack or fire signals. We can then activate a response from the appropriate emergency service where required.

Alarm Systems Ayrshire | Fortress Security Ltd

All security systems should be serviced at intervals of no greater than one year. We are able to offer a comprehensive service schedule and maintenance plan for both installations of our own design or any system that you may already have. 

We are also able to supply BT Redcare monitoring as an alternative to our standard monitoring service.

During the installation of a security system it is sometimes necessary to lift carpets and drill holes into brickwork. These areas will be restored to the condition in which they were found on our arrival, with minimal disruption.

All equipment supplied conforms to the highest industry standards and the British Standard BS4737 and DD243 where applicable.
Please contact us for details.