CCTV Ayrshire

We are able to provide a wide range of quality closed circuit TV apparatus tailored to your individual requirements, whether it be a small installation to secure the perimeter of a home or a complex system designed to enforce security on a shop floor.

All installations and equipment are attractive and discreet (and in some cases invisible). We are able to supply monitors, recording equipment and safe boxes for storage.

In today's society keeping a watchful eye over your property, assets and stock is a wise investment. Whether your requirements are for a single or multi camera set up, or to have visual access on or off site, viewing through the internet, our complete line of innovative and user-friendly digital video management systems will help protect your premises.

One of our dedicated and experienced security consultants will be happy to talk you through the process, from planning through to installation, with all advice based on your individual and specific requirements.

Day/Night cameras allow your CCTV system to be effective even in the lowest of light conditions whilst still showing clear colour pictures during daylight hours. Day/Night CCTV cameras will automatically change from colour images to night vision when the light levels drop below a certain level. 

Digital Video Recorders (DVR`s) allow continuous digital recording for days and weeks at a time. Unlike tape based systems the footage is always high quality no matter how many times you record over existing footage. DVR`s also have built in multiplexing allowing split screen monitoring and recording without having to use an additional unit.
Please contact us for details.