CCTV Cameras

We provide a wide range of quality Closed Circuit TV apparatus tailored to your individual requirements, whether it’s a small installation to secure your home or a complex system for a shop floor.

We supply the full system, including monitors, recording equipment and safe boxes for storage. All installations and equipment are discreet, sometimes even invisible. Whether you need a single or multi camera set up, visual access on or off site, or online viewing, our innovative and user-friendly digital video management systems will help protect your premises. One of our experienced security consultants will be happy to talk you through the process, from planning through to installation, with advice based on your specific requirements.

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Commercial CCTV

CCTV Systems require very specific expertise. Our engineers are fully trained in the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems, giving you peace of mind your system is operating efficiently at the vital seconds. Our CCTV service includes: • Professional equipment at competitive prices.• Site survey, risk assessment and design carried out by experts.• Bespoke system to meet your particular needs.• Options for low light cameras, producing high res colour images during the day, switching to monochrome at night for sharper images.• Advice on storage and management of data for operators, in line with GDPR.


Domestic CCTV

CCTV systems are becoming increasingly popular to help combat house burglaries and vehicle theft from front driveways: • An external camera views the front of your property, cabled into your TV and programmed into a spare channel.• Recording triggered by movement.• Recording onto your own video recorder or our own digital video recorder.


CCTV Digital Recording

• On detached properties, up to four cameras are linked back to a digital recorder.• Hard drive on the recorder can store images up to one month, usually one week for a reasonable quality image and time lapse.• Small 10 inch monitor is usually installed beside the recorder for play back and viewing.• Permanent record received via a USB/recording device.


Infra Red Night Cameras

Most vehicle thefts and neighbour disputes resulting in criminal damage occur during the hours of darkness. However, there must be some light for the video to function. We use external unobtrusive cameras fitted with infra red LEDs, allowing good quality monochrome cameras to see in the dark for up to 25 metres. An alternative is to use low light (day/night) cameras, producing high res colour images during the day, switching to monochrome at night for sharper images. To discuss your CCTV requirements, please get in touch


ANPR cameras offer a complete automatic number plate recognition system. The camera uses built in algorithms to detect and capture vehicle number plates, storing the details in a database. The camera can capture images on an SD card, without the need for an NVR (Network Video Recorder).