We provide an extensive range of Door Entry and Access Control products.

Intercom Door Entry

Our range of Intercom Door Entry products includes: Audio door entry intercom systems / Audio door entry intercom handsets / Exit buttons / Digital keypads / Domestic intercoms / Door entry spares / Lock releases / Lock release door loops / Magnetic locks / Magnetic lock brackets / Shearlocks / PC access control / Relay & timer boards / Remote locking devices / Shop alarms / Video door entry systems / Wireless door entry systems.

Biometric Systems

We offer the latest technology in the fight against unauthorised entry to secured premises or areas including finger print identification, hand geometry, retina scan, iris scan and voice analysis.

Coded Door Entry

The simplest and cheapest form of Access Control System currently available - provides access by a commonly known code or a personal identification number (PIN) known only to the individual user.

Keyfob Door Entry

Our fob/reader access control systems are based on high security proximity recognition: - Each key fob contains a unique digital identity which can be read only by the corresponding controller. - The fob or card can only perform its function when programmed into a specific locking device. - Authorised personnel can have a single key fob or card programmed into multiple reader units, allowing unhindered access. - Full door release occurs automatically when the fob is held within 25mm of the reader face.

Card Access Entry

Individuals carry a proximity or swipe card, offered up to or swiped through a reader head. Some swipe systems incorporate numeric keypads for added security.

Access Control

We supply and install several types of access control solutions for private and commercial clients, including bollards, parking posts and security barriers. Our security experts will advise on the best solution for your individual circumstances.

Access Control with Style

As well as functionality, security gates add a certain status to your property. Our wide range of styles includes sliding, hinged and bi-folding features. Our security experts will undertake a no obligation site survey and advise on the most secure and cost effective method of gatekeeping for your particular circumstances.