PSTN Switch Off

BT are currently upgrading all telephone lines within the UK to fibre-optic, with the old analogue lines being officially switched off for good in 2025.

This means that certain intruder alarm systems and monitored fire alarm systems may be affected.

  • Systems with older monitoring equipment such as; digital communicators, digital dialers, red care classic and many more are unable to send signals via new fibre-optic cabling.
  • A simple upgrade to the monitoring equipment within the system can resolve this depending on age of the system installed.
  • The upgrade can be done in less than 1 hour and various monitoring packages are available to suit your needs.
  • There is no telling when BT will upgrade each area, therefore your monitoring may be disconnected at any time. We recommend upgrading immediately if you have one of the affected monitoring types  so that your security if not affected.
  • We can upgrade your monitoring whether you have an existing Fortress system or a system installed by someone else.

Contact us now to check if you will be affected.

Visit for further information from BT/Openreach.

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